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Agency Values

Ty Enterprise is built on four key values:  dedication, integrity, reliability and service to the community.  Using these values, we create personalized service options to meet your current needs and position you for growth. 

Service organizations have long been the backbone of society.   Unfortunately, many of these agencies have not been able to achieve long term success because they missed key steps along the way.  Don't let that happen to your business!

Our primary aim is to assist nonprofits in the critical areas that are often overlooked: 
  • organization design
  • program development and evaluation
  • capacity building 
  • understanding consumer needs

When you choose Ty Enterprise, LLC you will be connected with an agency that has a deep passion and love for all things social service and is committed to helping you work smarter-- not harder.  We provide virtual and on-site service and no agency is too small for our service. 

About our President
Tinesar Forrest, President and CEO, has an incredible background serving non-profits and quasi-public agencies.  She is a committed public servant who is genuinely dedicated to the work of community service organizations.  From her first experience as a Camp Counselor to her recent job as Executive Director, one thing has stayed the same-- her passion for families and communities.  "The world depends on non-profits to fill voids and combat societal ills.  But the truth is, only the strong agencies will survive.  I help agencies extend their lifespan."  Her work at times moves into the small business arena when she assists clients with bid proposals and organization development.  

Some of Tinesar's experiences include working for several large agencies-- Goodwill Industries, Omaha Housing Authority, Camp Fire Boys and Girls, The Salvation Army, and the YWCA.  She recently served as a guest speaker for a graduate level non-profit management classes in West Chester, PA and in Wilmington, DE.  Her work in Camden, NJ was mentioned in Fixing Broken Cities: The Implementation of Urban Development Strategies, by John Kromer.  

Having moved from the 'front line to the corner office', Tinesar attributes her success to her ability to connect past experiences with creative, forward thinking to create viable solutions.  "To remain competitive, agencies have to stay aware of trends, new service models, new opportunities, and the like.  But the day to day struggles of the office often make that nearly impossible to do.  I take on those responsibilities for my clients and provide them with a product that is second to none."  

In addition to serving as Executive Director for a research foundation, she is an author Nonprofit Launch: 30 Day Guide to Develop, Define and Deliver Your Vision, adjunct faculty at Wilmington University and instructor for the Delaware Money School.

Her credentials include:
  • Over 20 years of program development and project management experience
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
  • Masters in Public Administration


  • Core Elements of Project Management
  • Effective Facilitation
  • Grantsmanship Training from the internationally recognized Grantsmanship Training Center
  • Professional development and mentoring from nonprofit and fundraising pillars: Dr. Bev Browning, Bev Browning Consulting (Arizona), Dr. Pamela Leland, The Leland Leadership Group (Pennsylvania),  and Paul J. Strawhecker, Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. (Nebraska).

Testimonials from past clients:

"I knew after she answered the first few questions that she loves what she does.  I could feel her passion when she spoke."

"They (Ty Enterprise) are always coming up with great ideas for your project."

"Working with Tinesar and Ty Enterprise has been an absolute pleasure.  She exudes professionalism and is incredibly gifted in the area of non-profit development.  Tinesar has been a life-saver for my organization and we will continue to do business with Ty Enterprise for many years to come."

"Ty Enterprise gives great service to their clients. Their services goes over and beyond."

Nonprofit Basics Boot Camp

Participant comments:

"Thank you!  This is just what I needed to get my nonprofit started!"

 "Great information!"

"Thanks for helping me identify what I need to do and showing me how to do it."

"How to Start a Nonprofit" 

Participant comments:

"She explained 
everything well and kept my attention."

 "I think this is a wonderful vehicle for people who are contemplating 
the process."

"The workshop has been very informative and enjoyable."

"This was a great foundational seminar to decide if one is interested in undertaking a non profit endeavor."

Guest Presenter at Springfield College


"Later that day the students were still talking about your presentation.  You did an excellent job!"

 "You gave me great ideas to consider for my business."

"Fantastic job!
 Very engaging!"

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