How do I get started working with you First, set up a discovery session.  At our session, Tinesar will have a candid conversation about your needs.  If we both agree that Ty Enterprise will be of added value to you, we will move forward with developing a scope of work that meets your needs. 

What is your service area?  
Ty Enterprise is based in Delaware but technology allows us to meet you where you are!  Additionally, we will travel to meet client needs.

There are a lot of consulting firms so what makes you different?
  Good question.  Ty Enterprise is not your typical stuffy consultant.  We are consultants, coaches and navigators who genuinely care about our clients.  If it matters to you, it matters to us. 

Ty Enterprise provides reputable advice and guidance related to your specific needs.  We set the necessary course of action to accomplish the goal but we don’t stop there.  Ty Enterprise also provides the support and encouragement needed to see your dreams come to life.  We routinely follow up with clients to make sure the service met the need and to see if there are questions surrounding next steps.  Yes, after the project is complete, we still follow up with you. Why?  Because we care about your success.

Is Ty Enterprise a consulting firm or a coaching service?  Well, a little bit of both.  In order to be a good consultant, you need to be proficient in the subject matter and able to deliver the desired product or service.  Additionally, Ty Enterprise believes you have to be able to hear the client and provide the compassion, support and accountability needed to help bring success.  And that falls in line with coaching.  

Do you work with larger agencies?  How do you help them? Yes!!  We love all size non profits.  Typically we work directly with the client to determine the specific need and go from there.  It can range from social media management or program development to strategic planning and board member training.  It really is customized to meet the agency needs.

Who have you worked with?  Here's a partial listing of current and former clients and the service provided.
      • Arthur J. Turner, Jr. Scholarship Foundation received agency and program development, fundraising strategies, grant prospecting, grant writing and board training (Wilmington, DE)
      • Association of Fundraising Professionals Brandywine Chapter brought Ty Enterprise in to lead their strategic planning process. (Wilmington, DE)
      • Challenge to Grow Outreach, Inc. received comprehensive start up support. Partial list of services include nonprofit incorporation paperwork, articles of incorporation, by-laws, program development and mini business plan. (Philadelphia, PA)
      • City of Promise Initiative used Ty Enterprise for program development, board training and fundraising (Chester, PA)
      • Entrepreneur Launch Center received extensive program development support (Wilmington, DE)
      • Empowering Entrepreneurs Across America received agency and program development, fundraising strategies, and board training (St. Louis, MO)
      • FAME, Inc. used Tinesar Forrest in her role as Associate with Baker Brown Consulting, Inc. to lead a Fall 2012 strategic planning session (Wilmington, DE)
      • Helping Hands Development Center received agency and program development, fundraising, grant prospecting and board training (Wilmington, DE)
      • Junior League of Wilmington, DE featured Tinesar Forrest as a presenter in their inaugural Women's Leadership Summit (Wilmington, DE)
      • The Melton Center used Ty Enterprise to lead a board training on fundraising (West Chester, PA)
      • H.O.O.D., Inc. received agency, program development, board development and 501 (c) 3 application (Wilmington, DE)
      • The Salvation Army Midland Division used Ty Enterprise to manage a holiday program and oversee a fundraising campaign (St. Louis, MO)
      • Vanguard Society received a customized leadership workshop tailored to meet the needs of the Vanguard members (Wilmington, DE)