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In 30 days you’ll:

– Clarify why you are starting a nonprofit and create your mission statement
– Understand the key people you need on your team
– Develop a two year agency budget
– Create a fundraising strategy
And that’s just the beginning!  

Make today the day you stop dreaming and take the steps to making your nonprofit a reality!    
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Sample of Nonprofit Nuggets Conference Calls 
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-4 P's You Need to Position Your Nonprofit to Profit
-Saying Thanks
Free tools to assist you in varying stages of nonprofit development and growth.

Past Issues of the Nonprofit Nuggets Newsletter

Tax Exemption
IRS Tax Exemption Form 1023 (this is the long form, not the EZ form) 
Guide to Help You Complete the Tax Exemption Form (this is the long form, not the EZ form) 

Delaware Money School Presentations
DE Money School Workshop "Nonprofit 101"     

DE Money School Workshop "Grants For Your Business"