Delaware MoneySchool Resources

Here are the resources shared during Tinesar's Delaware Money School Sessions:

You need the Nonprofit Launch!

In 30 days you’ll:
– Clarify why you are starting a nonprofit and create a mini business plan
– Understand the key people you need on your team
– Develop a two-year agency budget
– Create a fundraising strategy
And that’s just the beginning!  This 150+ page workbook has lots to tips and strategies to make your launch successful!

Make today the day you take the steps to make your nonprofit a reality!  

 $9.99 for digital copy


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In 5 days, learn the basics of grant writing. This online, work at your own pace course provides a solid overview on what you need to get started along with tips and resources to help you succeed.

This course is evergreen.  That means you'll have life long access!  No matter how many updates I make or if the price changes, you'll always have the current content!

Price: $47