I have a new venture!!

 No Stress, No Struggle, No Strain. 

It's a lifestyle website aimed at eliminating the unnecessary in order to focus on the necessary. 

​How did this come to be you ask?  How did this nonprofit lady get so caught up in lifestyle? I've always had a mindset of being my best me so that's not new. But in 2014 or so, I was going through a stressful situation. One night the words "no stress, no struggle, no strain” came to me in a dream. Most dreams I would forget but these words stuck with me. After a year or so of using the phrase in casual conversations and as a tool to reduce my stress, I began to wonder what else this phrase was for. In 2016, I emailed two designers my ideas for using the phrase. No response. In 2017, I started the trademarking process for the phrase. That same year, I paid for a product that would be connected to the phrase but I never got the product-- or a refund. I was upset and disappointed but I couldn’t let the idea die. I kept writing ideas but was slow moving things forward.

But then three words changed my life.

You have cancer.

September 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, it was removed in December 2017 and I am cancer free. After encouraging others and finding a new level of strength that could only come from God, I became more determined to bring this idea to life. Exercise, healthy eating and stress free living are one the most common recommendations for lowering cancer risk. Who knew this God-given phrase from 2014 would take on yet another meaning in 2017?

The website, No StressNoStruggleNoStrain, is a lifestyle page to encourage each of us to make the main thing the main thing.  The website is still in the works but once it's up, it will have a blog with my stress stories as well as tips, articles and resources that any one can use. I am accepting local speaking invitations (no fee, just a donation) to share my story and help others live a life free of stress, struggle and strain!  Click the link on the website to express an interest and I'll be in touch! - Tinesar